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For the first time in our history, the new airbase will bring together our charity team and aircrew.

Our charity team work behind the scenes to make sure that every donation is acknowledged, every donor is thanked and our fundraisers are offered all the support they need.

Being on the same site as the helicopter and aircrew really will help to improve the experience we can offer to our thousands of fantastic supporters and hundreds of wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to help raise the funds we need to keep flying.

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You can also hear from our aircrew and patients who explain why each zone is so important.

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The new site will be home to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance helicopter, aircrew and charity head office, bringing everyone together for the very first time.

And its location, right in the centre of Wiltshire means we will still be able to reach anywhere in the county within 11 minutes, just as we do now.

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