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Darren Larvin
Managing Director

“We are all aware of the amazing contribution Wiltshire Air Ambulance makes to saving people’s lives in Wiltshire. WAA gives vital support to other emergency services, saving lives across the county.

We’ve decided to make a year long commitment to support this worthwhile local charity by joining The 100 Club. I don’t think many people are aware that WAA rely almost entirely on public donations.

A new base will give WAA the team ‘one’ home rather than over a number of sites. Owning their own site will give them security and stability.”

James Phipps

“Wiltshire Air Ambulance is a universal service that applies to everybody. As it relies almost entirely on public donations, we feel it is our responsibility to help in any way we can.

WAA provides a lifesaving service and you cannot put a price on a life.

To deliver the lifesaving service, WAA needs the right facilities and environment for the team. They will be able to engage with the public and will have a permanent base, allowing for long term planning which every organisation needs.”

Jeffery Thomas Chairman

“I am honoured to support this essential local emergency service that benefits our community in Wiltshire. 

This fundraising initiative by Wiltshire Air Ambulance will ensure that this excellent service is retained into the future and that many more lives will be saved or improved as a direct result of your generosity.  

We have had cause to call upon the WAA on more than occasion over the past 26 years.   I am delighted to say that they always perform without hesitation and with great skill and care.”

Kevin Basnett
Managing Partner

“We have previously supported Wiltshire Air Ambulance as a firm and so are fully aware of the essential emergency support they provide, both day and night, for the benefit of everyone in Wiltshire.

We are extremely lucky to have such a valuable service in our county and wanted to show our gratitude and support for the service they offer.

The new purpose-built facility in Semington is a massive step forward for this extremely worthwhile charity.”

Partners of Kingstons Estate Agents

“Wiltshire Air Ambulance gives hope of survival to people of all walks of life in critical situations where the helicopter can be the only difference between life or death.

The new airbase will protect the future of the air ambulance and allow further expansion to its services.

It will provide cohesion for all staff being able to work more effectively under one roof and at one site.

The service provided to the people of Wiltshire will become more efficient and effective.”

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The new site will be home to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance helicopter, aircrew and charity head office, bringing everyone together for the very first time.

And its location, right in the centre of Wiltshire means we will still be able to reach anywhere in the county within 11 minutes, just as we do now.

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